Guarana Survival Bar – Chocolate (5 pcs.).


  • chocolate flavor with guarana
  • 1 package (1 piece ordered) contains 5 bars
  • contains 150 mg of caffeine per 100 g serving
  • 15-year shelf life
  • In 100 g of the bar’s weight, 555 kcal of pure energy has been accumulated
  • bar divided into two flakes of about 50 grams each
  • 2775 kcal in 1 piece (pack of 5 bars)

It helps you survive in extreme conditions and push the limits of your abilities. THIS-1 is an energy bar created on the basis of nuts and seeds.

The peanut-flavored survival bar is made from a specially selected blend of peanuts, almonds and sunflower seeds , milled to a flour form and thoroughly mixed with other ingredients such as chocolate and sunflower seeds. Thanks to a special binder, heat treatment and vacuum packing in special airtight packages, the bars remain fresh and edible for many years. With the nuts finely ground into meal form, the bar is not hard and is very tasty.

The Guarana Chocolate Survival Bar contains natural Guarana, which includes. 150 g Caffeine. NOTE, Recommended use is no more than 3 bars per day.  In special situations (rescue operations, life-threatening situations), guarana bars can be used as the main source of energy and to keep the body going, at minimum intervals of every 2 to 2.5 hours, for no longer than 24 hours.

As of today , we have a certificate of positive tests confirming shelf life after 48 months.  

The highest quality ingredients and production process allow us to guarantee a 15-year shelf life from the date of production. 

The bar is perfectly balanced to provide a powerful long-lasting energy boost. Sugars provide immediate energy, complex carbohydrates provide energy over a period of several minutes to an hour during exercise, and a high proportion of fat provides long-term energy over a period of up to 6 hours. One gram of fat contains 2 times more energy than a gram of sugar and is an ideal source of long-term energy.
In 100 grams of the product there are as much as 555 kcal, and in 1 package containing 5-piece bars, there are as much as 2775 kcal – energy for the whole day contained in only 500 grams that we can carry in our pockets!


  • chocolate flavor with guarana
  • does not freeze at temperatures down to -40°C
  • does not melt at temperatures up to +50°C
  • ideal for travel – airtight package with suctioned air will not crack or break under pressure
  • 15-year shelf life
  • In 100 g of the bar’s weight, 555 kcal of pure energy has been accumulated
  • contains 150 mg of caffeine per 100 g serving
  • vegetarian product

Peanut flour, almond flour, cane sugar, glucose syrup, dextrose, palm fat, sunflower flour, sunflower, chocolate 5% (cocoa pulp, cocoa butter, vanilla flavor), skimmed cocoa, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier: lecithin (from soy), Guarana (150 mg

Certified shelf life: 48 months from date of manufacture

Minimum shelf life: 15 years from date of manufacture

Allergens: contains nuts and milk, may contain traces of sesame, soy and gluten, may contain pieces of shell.  High caffeine content : not recommended for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and people sensitive to caffeine (150 mg/100g)

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