Survival bar mix of flavors (4 pieces)


  • mix of 4 flavors
  • 1 package (1 piece ordered) contains 4 bars
  • flavors : Chocolate-Guarana, Chocolate, Walnut, Blackcurrant
  • There are as many as 2170 kCal in four bars
  • bars divided into two flakes of about 50 grams each

Survival bar helps you survive in extreme conditions and push the limits of your capabilities. THIS-1 is an energy bar created on the basis of nuts and seeds.

The peanut-flavored survival bar is made from a specially selected blend of peanuts, almonds and sunflower seeds , milled to a flour form and thoroughly mixed with other ingredients such as chocolate and sunflower seeds. Thanks to a special binder, heat treatment and vacuum packing in special airtight packages, the bars remain fresh and edible for many years. With the nuts finely ground into meal form, the bar is not hard and is very tasty.

A package of mix bars contains :
1 piece survival bar Chocolate-Guarana
1 piece survival bar Chocolate
1 piece survival bar Walnut
1 piece survival bar Black Currant

As of today , we have a certificate of positive tests confirming shelf life after 48 months.  

The highest quality ingredients and production process allow us to guarantee a 15-year shelf life from the date of production.
Ina package containing 4 pieces (400 net grams of bars) there are as many as 2170 kCal.

Details on the composition and nutritional content of each flavor:
Chocolate-Guarana Flavor : Guarana Survival Bar – Chocolate (5 pcs.).
Chocolate Flavor : Chocolate Survival Bar (5 pieces).
Peanut Flavor : Survival Peanut Bar (5 pcs.).
Black Currant Flavor : Black Currant Survival Bar (5pcs).

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