Coconut and almond pancakes 100g


Healthy and high-protein pancakes that are up to 48% protein and 18% fiber! The product is ideal for athletes, people on a low sugar diet and anyone who wants to eat healthy. The contents of the package allow you to make 350 g of pancakes.

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Almonds are known as the “king of nuts” because they stand out for their properties and nutritional value – they are high in vitamin E, B2, fiber and potassium. With these ingredients, they help prevent heart disease and diabetes. They also help with stomach ailments – almonds are good for nausea and heartburn.

The package allows you to make 350 g of pancakes.

Mini protein pancakes are an ideal supplement to a low-carbohydrate diet, as they contain only 7g of sugar per 100g and as much as 48g of protein! Thanks to their unique composition, however, they have a deliciously sweet pancake flavor. The high fiber content helps digestion and allows the sugars to be absorbed gradually so that we have energy for a long time.

Ingredients: defatted organic coconut flour, lactose-free whey protein, free-range egg white, defatted almond flour, acacia fiber, sucralose.

Allergens: Contains lactose. May contain traces of cereals and products containing gluten, nuts, eggs, milk, sesame and soy.

Method of preparation:

1. pour the contents of the package into a bowl, add 240 ml of water
(for a smaller portion : up to 50 g of the mixture, add 120 ml of water)
2. mix, and wait 3 minutes, meanwhile heat the pan
3. in a frying pan, form mini pancakes – pancakes

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