Apple and lemon energy gel 10x70g



A honey-based energy gel containing only honey, royal jelly and fruit juice for flavor. No preservatives and unnecessary ingredients, only the best ingredients that will give you energy immediately when you need it.

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The currant-flavored super energy gel is the optimal choice for athletes seeking top performance.

* Pure instant energy.
* 100% natural without preservatives
* Honey from Poland with a certificate of origin.
* Without diluting or adding water.
* Convenient packaging – 70 g.
* The sour currant flavor gives an extra boost and doesn’t stick;)

Ideal for all those who practice sports competitively or amateur.
The gel, thanks to its honey base, is easily digestible and stomach-friendly, giving a quick boost of energy but at the same time providing energy longer than gels based on pure fructose or glucose.

Ingredients: acacia honey 70%, natural concentrated apple juice 20%, natural concentrated lemon juice 10%.

Allergens: honey. It does not contain preservatives.

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