energy bars

Maximum energy in a single dose

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energy bars

maximum energy in one dose

The most energetic energy bars

Super Energy Bar and THIS-1 Energy Bars are a veritable volcano of energy contained in 40 grams of product. It is worth knowing that they are resistant to extreme temperatures, so you can take them with you literally anywhere. They will not dissolve even in the Sahara at 50°C and will not freeze in the Himalayas despite -40°C. They are ideal as a snack during hours of diving, as they do not dissolve in water when eaten.

Handmade, the highest quality ingredients, no cheap fillers and low sugar content allow us to achieve an effect unavailable to others. Even direct contact with sunlight or water for 10 minutes is not able to cause deterioration of their properties and taste. 100 g of the product will provide you with as much as 555 kcal. One super-energy bar has the strength of two espressos, so it will quickly get anyone on their feet and allow them to reach their dream goal. It is worth being aware of the fact that after eating our bar you are able to cope with intense exertion for up to two hours and moderate exertion for up to 6 hours.

In all conditions

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It is worth being aware that THIS-1 energy, super-energy and recovery bars are made without the use of preservatives. Thanks to the use of high-strength, leak-proof packaging, we were able to dispense with the use of harmful preservatives. This packaging guarantees the survival of the bar in perfect quality even in extreme conditions. In addition, vacuum sealing ensures cleanliness and sterility.

Do you care about keeping your snack fresh even in dust, mud or underwater? Are you looking for a product that is effectively protected against dangerous bacteria? An excellent choice even for extreme expeditions are energy bars. Trekking, biking, swimming – if you do any of these sports, our bars are perfect for you.

THIS-1 bars , thanks to their unique composition, do not freeze even in very low temperatures and do not dissolve despite the great heat. What’s more, the special composition of the “binder” allows them to be consumed underwater by professional divers and cave explorers, as they still remain in one piece for 10 minutes after being unwrapped underwater.

Energy bars for athletes, travelers, drivers and others

The bars offered in our store are an extremely compressed portion of energy enclosed in an airtight vacuum package. It is perfectly suited even for extreme expeditions. It can be appreciated not only by professionals – Himalayans, athletes, travelers – but also by ordinary bread eaters.

Have you run out of energy to complete your dream project? Now it’s not a problem. Take THIS-1 bars in your favorite flavor with you and you’re done. Sometimes that missing 220 kcal can determine your win or lose. Moreover, it is only 40 g in weight. And, in addition, packaged in such a way that they can survive almost any, even extremely extreme conditions. Our bars are trusted by many mountaineers and Himalayan climbers, such as. Marcin Tomaszewski, Ryszard Pawlowski. Sailors like Szymon Kuczynski are also eager to use them. So take a cue from the pros and equip yourself for your expeditions with THIS-1 bars.

Perfect for the mountains

It’s also a good idea to take our energy bars to the mountains, where physical exertion is particularly high. Our snacks don’t take up much space in your backpack and are very lightweight, but they will really give you a lot of strength. Thanks to them, you will be able to cover the designated route without worrying about losing the energy you need. The energy bars we offer for mountain bikers also do a great job. If you enjoy traversing mountain trails by bicycle, be sure to take this type of snack with you.

Different flavors

No matter what you like to eat on a daily basis, you can find energy bars for athletes in a variety of flavors. Coconut, vanilla, or maybe walnut? The choice is up to you. Our store also has no shortage of chocolate bars, black currant-flavored bars and even bars with hemp. It’s worth knowing that they all taste really delicious and are sure to please you.

THIS-1's unique energy and recovery bars

Nowadays a lot of people are busy and every minute counts for them. If you lack strength after a workout and are in a hurry, for example, to get to work, reach for energy bars. THIS-1 store offers high-energy products designed for people who need quick energy but don’t have time to eat.

THIS-1 energy and recovery bars are used as a source of energy during sporting events such as marathon, triathlon, as well as during mountain expeditions, construction work, gardening, etc. They will also work well wherever energy expenditure is high for long periods of time, such as when climbing the highest peaks.

THIS is the place, the place of THIS ONE that will turn you on. THIS-1 is the energy of energy and recovery bars for your body during a workout, an expedition or during a night at the corporation. THIS-1 is a protein recovery bar that will help rebuild your body after workouts, competitions and other grueling activities.