when weight and energy count

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Survival bars

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When survival and minimal weight matter

1 packet (5 bars) provides energy for a full day of functioning, fitting in pants or jacket pockets. Going on an expedition or climbing high mountains and every gram counts? Our bars are not only tasty, but also won’t freeze and are suitable for eating both at 7,000 meters and in Antarctica. They will not dissolve when exposed to the direct rays of the sun, and even running an ultramarathon across the Sahara will be fit for consumption.

Strength of survival bars

THIS-1 Survival Bars are up to 2,800 kcal in one 500 gram pack! Each bar consists of two flakes about 1 cm thick so that they are easy to eat, and so that they can be more easily divided into parts (for example, between two expedition participants).

Handmade, the highest quality ingredients, no cheap fillers and low sugar content allow us to achieve an effect unavailable to others. Even direct contact with sunlight or water for 10 minutes is not able to cause deterioration of their properties and taste. 100 g of the product will provide you with as much as 555 kcal. One survival bar with guarana contains 150 mg of Caffeine, so it will quickly put anyone on their feet and allow them to achieve their dream goal. It is worth being aware of the fact that after eating our bar you are able to cope with intense exertion for up to two hours and moderate exertion for up to 6 hours.

As of today, we have a military certificate confirming positive tests to prove shelf life after 48 months. That’s how long our first batch of bars waited before we tested and marketed them. Every year we will conduct more tests and thus we will obtain more certificates confirming that our bars will last for many years, and this is not just a self-declaration by the manufacturer.

The highest quality ingredients and production process allow us to guarantee a 15-year shelf life from the date of production.

Baton this-1

It is worth being aware that allTHIS-1 bars are made without the use of preservatives. Thanks to the use of high-strength, leak-proof packaging, we were able to dispense with the use of harmful preservatives. This packaging guarantees the survival of the bar in perfect quality even in extreme conditions. In addition, vacuum sealing ensures cleanliness and sterility.

Do you care about keeping your snack fresh even in dust, mud or underwater? Are you looking for a product that is effectively protected against dangerous bacteria? An excellent choice even for extreme expeditions are energy bars. Trekking, biking, swimming – if you do any of these sports, our bars are perfect for you.

THIS-1 bars , thanks to their unique composition, do not freeze even in very low temperatures and do not dissolve despite the great heat. What’s more, the special composition of the “binder” allows them to be consumed underwater by professional divers and cave explorers, as they still remain in one piece for 10 minutes after being unwrapped underwater.