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recovery bars

Muscle recovery after exercise

Post-exercise regeneration

Looking for a tasty yet healthy snack to help with muscle recovery? It doesn’t matter if it’s after a competition, training or hard physical labor in the woods. Our recovery bars are ideally composed for anyone who needs a quick boost of nutrients and post-exercise recovery.

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Regeneration Bars with plenty of protein and minerals are the perfect snack after any workout. This applies to both physical and mental work. They are also an ideal alternative to sweets, chocolate bars or salty snacks that can harm your health. In popular treats you will find mostly “empty” carbohydrates. On the other hand, the energy bars we offer for athletes are characterized by an ideal ratio between carbohydrates (also necessary for the body after training – so as not to “burn” the muscles in the very important process of recovery), fat (which allows us to rebuild energy reserves), a large amount of protein, which strengthens and builds our body and, equally important, a large amount of fiber. Fiber is extremely valuable because it nourishes beneficial intestinal bacteria and helps speed up the recovery and absorption of food.

Up to 570 kcal per 100g, 30% protein content and yet only 16.5% sugar make THIS-1 recovery bars the king on the market. You need to know that we do not compromise and use only the best raw materials, so that our products realistically help you recover quickly after exercise and more. The bars contain glucose in pure form, which is much better for the body.

Thanks to the ideal composition of ingredients, especially the high content of easily digestible protein, THIS-1 recovery bars are an ideal product for everyone who cares about a healthy and effective diet. It’s also a solution for those who know how necessary protein is for the body, if only to effectively recover from a day’s workout.

Why eat a carbohydrate bar after exercise?

This is due to our physiology, or more precisely, our post-workout recovery needs.

It will be primarily based on the need to reduce muscle protein breakdown, as well as promote an increased rate of muscle protein synthesis.

Insulin plays a key role here. The role of this hormone will be both anabolic [1] based on improving muscle protein synthesis (MPS), as well as anti-catabolic [2] based on reducing muscle protein breakdown (MPB).

Interestingly enough, the post-workout hormonal response alone is sometimes insufficient for above-average trainees! These people firstly require a much faster recovery process, as well as limiting the adverse effects of post-workout damage (Muscle Damage).

It is possible to influence the support of these processes in a very easy way, including by “potentiating” processes that promote post-workout recovery. The easiest way would be to consume an adequate carbohydrate pool, and this is where a carbohydrate portion would work great [3].

The effect you’ll see will be to both rebuild post-workout damage faster, as well as allow muscle glycogen stores to be replenished much more efficiently.

The optimal ratio between protein and carbohydrates is about 30% protein, and about 20% carbohydrates. Do This-1 bars have near-perfect proportions by chance? Probably not:)

It is worth adding the psychological effect of such food, but I will not go into this topic!

[1] Fluckey JD, Vary TC, Jefferson LS, Farrell PA: Augmented insulin action on rates of protein synthesis after resistance exercise in rats. Am J Physiol. 1996, 270 (2 Pt 1): E313-9.

[2] Denne SC, Liechty EA, Liu YM, Brechtel G, Baron AD: Proteolysis in skeletal muscle and whole body in response to euglycemic hyperinsulinemia in normal adults. Am J Physiol. 1991, 261 (6 Pt 1): E809-14.

[3] Zawadzki KM, Yaspelkis BB, Ivy JL: Carbohydrate-protein complex increases the rate of muscle glycogen storage after exercise. J Appl Physiol. 1992, 72 (5): 1854-9.

No preservatives

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It is worth being aware that THIS-1 bars are made without the use of preservatives. Thanks to the use of high-strength, leak-proof packaging, we were able to dispense with the use of harmful preservatives. This packaging guarantees the survival of the bar in perfect quality even in extreme conditions. In addition, vacuum sealing ensures cleanliness and sterility.

Do you care about keeping your snack fresh even in dust, mud or underwater? Are you looking for a product that is effectively protected against dangerous bacteria? An excellent choice even for extreme expeditions are energy bars. Trekking, biking, swimming – if you do any of these sports, our bars are perfect for you.

THIS-1 bars , thanks to their unique composition, do not freeze even in very low temperatures and do not dissolve despite the great heat. What’s more, the special composition of the “binder” allows them to be consumed underwater by professional divers and cave explorers, as they still remain in one piece for 10 minutes after being unwrapped underwater.

Different flavors

No matter what you like to eat on a daily basis, you can find energy bars for athletes in a variety of flavors. Coconut, vanilla, or maybe walnut? The choice is up to you. Our store also has no shortage of chocolate bars, black currant-flavored bars and even bars with hemp. It’s worth knowing that they all taste really delicious and are sure to please you.

Unique This-1 bars

Nowadays a lot of people are busy and every minute counts for them. If you lack strength after a workout and are in a hurry, for example, to get to work, reach for energy bars. THIS-1 store offers high-energy products designed for people who need quick energy but don’t have time to eat.

THIS-1 energy and recovery bars are used as a source of energy during sporting events such as marathon, triathlon, as well as during mountain expeditions, construction work, gardening, etc. They will also work well wherever energy expenditure is high for long periods of time, such as when climbing the highest peaks.

THIS is the place, the place of THIS ONE that will turn you on. THIS-1 is the energy of energy and recovery bars for your body during a workout, an expedition or during a night at the corporation. THIS-1 is a protein recovery bar that will help rebuild your body after workouts, competitions and other grueling activities.