Energy gels for runners, cyclists, climbers and all athletes

żele energetyczne

Honey-based energy gels containing only honey and fruit juice for flavor.

Only the best ingredients that will give you energy immediately when you need it.

Gels to have energy

Sports is not an easy road where you won’t get out of breath once. Often the opposite is true – there are many ups and downs before the finish line. What’s more, you can’t always stop, regardless of lack of strength, the desire to give up or muscles shaking from the effort. Struggling with one’s own body and its capabilities is a daily occurrence for those who train competitively, such as runners and cyclists, but also for those who take care of their figure amateurishly. When the body weakens, energy gels will come to the rescue.

The source of energy during active sports is mainly carbohydrates, which are most efficiently absorbed by the body. The speed of their effect is closely related to the type of sugar consumed, for example, fructose will decompose faster than maltodextrin, but its effect will last for a shorter time in contrast to the latter. Energy gels for cyclists and runners are therefore an indispensable part of any training or race, since in these disciplines you need a lot of strength “right now”, and their handy form allows you to remain comfortable and convenient during sports.

Clean composition is our priority

We put an equals sign between strength and simple composition. Our energy gels for athletes consist of 100% naturally derived products. You will see only two things on the label: honey and fruit juice. Honey is primarily a source of several simple sugars, so that the body will quickly receive the strength it needs at any given time. Fruit juices provide an extra dose of fructose, but also break up such an intense, sweet taste, so we offer two sour options: apple and lemon or currant.

With a view to your sporting success

We know that pushing one’s limits is quite a challenge, and during marathons or races, strength runs out before motivation and discipline. Our energy gels were created out of a passion for competitive sports and admiration for human endurance. We are keeping our fingers firmly crossed for your achievements whether you are a professional runner, cyclist, Himalayan athlete, triathlete or amateur trainer.